WoW Geekly A World of Warcraft Podcast with a Streak of Geek!

August 14, 2016  

Ashayo and Jeppy discuss the Legion Pre Expansion. BEWARE BROKEN SHORE SPOILERS this is the video of the Jeppy Transmog stuff.
July 23, 2016  

This is the audio only for This is ElJeppy and ImMyOwnDreams levelling 2 uber cute gnme hunters.

July 19, 2016  

OK well this is our first show for awhile and I'll admit it is pretty raw. Tried doing a full on edit and it crashed every time! So no intro or outro, I sound drunk and our special guest is Ashayo's coffee machine. Enjoy! 

August 6, 2015  

Ashayo and Jeppy are joined by Leeta to talk predictions on the eve of the expansion announcement!

July 4, 2015  

Ashayo and Jeppy discuss all the pre and post 6.2 goodness!

May 30, 2015  

The stars align another episode of WoWGeekly hits the air waves! Might also be some ground waves!

February 5, 2015  

Ashayo & Jeppy return from January holidays to talk all things wow. Jeppy has changed sex (and race), and is drooling over ways to level 100 100's, and leaving Ashayo in the dust when it comes to maxing out Garrisons. Ashayo levels a toon without a garrison at all. And we ponder over why Blizzard requires an orgy of love rays to get the new "Love is in the Air" toy. Oh, if you ever wondered why WD-40 is called that, wonder no more!

January 1, 2015  

Ashayo and Jeppy take a break from Garrisonville to chat about Yttrium, where the year went, and maybe even squeeze in some wow talk!

December 11, 2014  

Ashayo & Jeppy take a break from managing 30 garrisons to chat about ... Garrisons!, the state of professions, gearing, dailies, and the angst of the Altoholic!

November 27, 2014  

Ashayo and Jeppy discuss the surprising wonders they encountered on travelling to Draenor!

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